Scary Maze Game 1

Scary Maze 1 is, as you can imagine, the first game of the Scary Maze series. You will probably think that is the lamest one, but you are wrong. This is indeed a game that will make you wet your pants. There are many teens addicted by this game, and through addicted is not meaning that they are playing it daily and things like this. They’ve played it once and it was enough. However, they wanted to spread the word about it and to share it with their friends: poor friends.

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The game is in a way or another, a unique one. There are many other scary games on the online community, but this one is way different by those. This maze and scary game will make you scream like hell, and this is what many players have felted on their skins.

The scenario of Scary Maze Game 1

The game starts in an easy manner. There are three levels that must be crossed. They are easy levels.

You, the character, will be represented by a colored ball that must go through a maze while having in mind a single rule: not to touch the walls. If you touch the walls, it will not matter at which level you are as you will be sent back to the beginning of the first level.

The first level has thick paths that are easily to go through. There are 3 paths linked to each other. If you touch the walls you will be sent back to the start line, but if you succeed to cross through them you will reach the second level.

The second level has more paths and at the beginning they are thicker, but after the first half the paths will become thinner making your mission a bit more difficult than in the first level. The shape of the maze is pretty similar to a snake. As at the previous level, if you touch the walls you will be sent at the start line, but at the start line of the first level. In fewer words, you will have to start the game again.

The final level, the third one, is easy at the beginning. The paths are going up and you have to go through them. They are quite thick at the beginning, but the last 3 paths are very thin. However, don’t think that you will not be able to go through them, because you will not no matter how skillful you are. Once you reach the second thin path you will have part of the surprise of your life, and you should be prepared to yell as hard as you can, to run or to wet your pants. A scary image of a zombie will pop up on your screen and a creepy scream will be heard suddenly.

Scary Maze 1 does not require any keys for being controlled. The ball can be moved through the maze extremely simple only with the help of the mouse. You do not have to click or to press any other keys.

This game deserves a good place amid the scariest and funniest games from the history of online games. It is an epic game that will make you laugh, scream and probably cry. It is not a game that can be played by those that have issues with their hearts. It is also not a game that must be played by kids or in the dark. The consequences can be serious if you know that you cannot handle it. Well, as an overall this is a fantastic game.


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