Scary Maze 4

There is a wide range of online games. Many of them are action games or strategic games. Also, many of them are meant only to kill for an instant the boredom. However, few of these games can compare with Scary Maze 4. Unlike the other long, boring, and flashy games that attract the gamers only with a good graphic, this game is different. It is short, you can finish it in a few minutes, and at the end of it you have part of fireworks. Just kidding. This game is almost perfect for all ages, except too old people and too young people. They should stay as far away as possible of this game.

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How to play Scary Maze 4

Scary Maze 4 is a free- online game. You can play it anytime you want alone or with your friends without be charged with anything. As it was mentioned in the first paragraph the game is a simple and short one. If you are skilled enough with your mouse you can finish it even in a couple of minutes. However, if you lack concentration or skills it might take you longer than this. Why do you need skills with the mouse? Well, because the game can only be played with the help of the mouse.

The game will provide you with several levels that are composed from different forms of mazes. Each maze has a different form and each level has a different difficulty. For example, the first level is easier than the next one and so on. For reaching the last level and to get part of the wanted surprise you have to go through all the mazes without touching the walls not even once. If you succeed to do so, you will eventually get part of a lovely surprise, or not.

This game is named Scary Maze because the levels have mazes and the game it is scary, or at least when you will finish it will be scary. Usually, Scary Maze games have no more than 3 levels of different difficulties. The game must be played with the sound on in order to get the best of it. After all, the surprise from the end is everything at this game and if you miss it you will definitely regret. This game is kind of addictive, at least at the beginning.

People who discovered the horror of this game could not resist to the temptation and they shared it with others. In only a short period of time, the game had become quite popular in the entire world. Many gamers are playing it from curiosity while many are pushed behind by their friends. Well, after all it does not matter as they all have part of a lot of fun after they get the surprise.

As the word surprise was mentioned pretty often in these paragraphs, maybe it is time to find out in what this surprise consists. When you will finish the game a zombie- dead people face will suddenly appear on your scream accompanied by a hell scream that will offer you nightmares for a long time.

Scary Maze 4 is an interesting game, with a terrible turnaround of facts. When you expect fireworks because you’ve finished the game you will only get a morbid face that yells at you. You will not get a reward for finishing the game, but only headaches because you will have nightmares for a while. However, this does not mean that the game is not funny. Actually, is very funny. You can play it with your friends anytime you want to see how funny this game can be.

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