Maze Game 4

Game intro

Supposing that you search for a funny and scary game that can bring you and to your friends a great time to laugh, you can try Maze Game 4. This game is a great one. Not only that you will have part of a lot of fun in a very short time, but you will also be capable of getting a great scare that will put you on run. The game is quite easy.

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The plot is simple and as well the control. There are only two levels that must be finished in order to receive the surprise from the end of the game. Whether you will be playing it alone or with your friends, you must expect to a noteworthy moment of fright and entertaining. Maze Game 4 is undoubtedly the game that will make you have nightmares for a long time.

Maze Game 4 levels

The game has only 2 levels. There are indeed few of them, but you can say that are more than enough. You don’t want to be kept in suspense when you know that the end of the game is so epic. Each level has a start place and an end one. For starting the game you must push the START button and when you will reach the end of the maze where is written GOAL you will be capable to upgrade to the next level.

The first level is the easier one; of course you’ve probably imagined this thing already. It begins with a flat road, but at the half of it the shape is somehow similar to that of the stairs. Once you will climb through those stairs you will be able to reach another flat path that will lead you straight to the goal. If you don’t want to retake from the start the level you must be extremely careful not to touch the walls. If this thing happens you will be asked if you want to retry and as a following you will be sent back at the start of the first level. Also, you will be a simple ball trying to go through all those paths. This thing is not too easy as the walls of the maze are extremely sensitive and only a small touch can be felt.

The second level is a bit more difficult. The beginning is made from two flat paths while the last one is of an insane difficulty as you have many ups and downs in order to get to the goal; that if you manage.  The last level must be gone through with more attention. You should know that even if you are at the final level if you touch the walls you will be sent back at the start of the first level. So, for your sake, try to stay away from the walls, while you get through the maze.

Maze Game 4 Surprise

It was mentioned above that the game offers to the players that manage to finish the levels a spectacular surprise. You can expect something out of common, outstanding and stunning at the same time. There is no doubt that you will enjoy a lot the surprise. Think about the scariest thing that you’ve ever seen in your life and then multiply it with one hundred. Well, it is not even by far the result that the surprise will have over you.

When you will be focused on not touching the walls of the last level a zombie or dead face will be suddenly displayed on your screen. Of course, the face will be accompanied by the creepiest scream you’ve ever heard to make the things even worse.

The game can be controlled only with the mouse.


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