Maze Game 3

This game makes part of the popular series of games Scary Maze. It is a cute, funny and scary game at the same time. You will enjoy the plot, but you will not enjoy the end of the game, or maybe you will enjoy it but after a while. The game is not extremely spectacular as graphic or other things. It is a normal game, like many other maze games that can be found in the wide world of the internet. However, it has something that differentiate this game of others maze games.

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The plot of the game, as it was mentioned above, is a cute one. The player will be characterized by a little and cute mouse, which is hungry. So, if you do not want to let the little mouse to starve you have to find the cheese, which is at the end of each level.

Unlike at the previous versions of this game the scenario is put on a blue screen and the paths are white.

The game has only 3 levels. Each level must be crossed in order to get to the next one. As in the previous versions of the game, the player must not touch the walls, otherwise he will be sent at the start of the game, no matter at which level you were.

The first level is easily to be crossed. The paths are thick, so the mouse has enough space to move. Still, do not forget that you are not allowed to touch the walls.

The second level is more difficult than the first one. The path of the maze is a bit messy with many corners and tight areas where you have to control the little mouse. However, at the end of the level you are expected by a huge piece of cheese, so you must get there no matter what. As at the previous level you must not touch the walls.

The last level has a circular shape. In this level the player also must to lead the mouse within the path in order to reach the piece of cheese. However, that piece of cheese was changed with a bigger surprise. On your screen will suddenly appear a scary face, looks like a zombie or something like this, which will make you scream or run.

The game is not for kids, old people or for those that can get scared easily. Also, those that have heart disorders should stay far away of this game. Scary Maze 3 is a funny game that must be shared with everyone. If you played it once, undoubtedly you will let your friends or your family, know about it. It will bring a lot of fun to you. The game is extremely popular in the entire world and if you search on Youtube you will see how many pranks were made due to this game. All of these pranks were extremely funny for those that had made them, but not very funny for those who were targeted.

Scary Maze 3 is an easy game to play if you pay attention not to touch the sensitive walls of the mazes. However, if you do not pay attention you will have to restart the game over and over again. The thing is that the game can be controlled only with the mouse, and that mouse is not the character.

This game will definitely entertain you and your friends for a long while. It’s simple and funny plot can bring a smile on your face but at the same time it can actually scare you a lot.


Good luck.


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