Scary Maze Game 4

A wide range of free online games can be found on the internet, nowadays. Many of them are strategy games, action games and so on. However, there are also scary games, which are delighting with their plot the teens. One of these epic scary games is Scary Maze 4. This is an exceptional game, and despite its simple plot it is a pretty difficult game that will give a hard time to the players.

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Scary Maze 4 is a game that must be played first by you and after that shared with your friends. It is a funny and scary game at the same time. Indeed, it is a weird combination, but it has success mostly amid the teens. This is a game that will put your skills at test, a game that will make you smile and a game that will make you scream. There are lots of things at this game that will keep your attention focused.

The plot of Scary Maze 4

You have some levels to go through. Each level is quite difficult and your main task is to put a thread into a needle. The difficulty of the task can be chosen by you at the beginning of the game. You will be asked if you want a thick or a thin thread and as well if you want a thick or a thin needle. After you finished to pick what do you want you will be introduced to the game and the fun will start.

Levels of Scary Maze 4

There are 3 levels of this game. Don’t think that each level is easy. Not at all. Actually, they are quite difficult. This is a handiness game. As it was mentioned above, you must put a thread into a needle. It is different from the other Scary Maze games, but this thing is making it funnier.

The first level is quite difficult even if it is just the start. There are two hands on the screen. One is holding the thread and the other one is holding the needle. It is not an easy task to put the thread into the needle as the hand that is keeping the thread is shaking like hell. Also, you have some obstacles that need to be crossed in order to reach the hand that is holding the needle. If you manage to go through all those obstacles you will be sent to the next level.


The second level has the same story as the first one. In this level some balloons will stay in your way. Unless you go through them you will not stand a chance to finish the level. Even if, you get to the half of the path, if it happens to touch a balloon with the thread you will be sent back. You will have to start the level once again. Still, if you manage to go through this level as well you will be sent to the third level where something funny and scary waits for you.

The last level has as obstacles some coins. As in the previous two levels you must go through them in order to reach at the hand with the needle. If you touch the coins you will be sent back and you will have to restart the level. However, you must be really careful while you go through the final level as you will have part of a great surprise: a zombie will appear suddenly on your screen and it has a creepy scream.

This game can be totally controlled with the mouse. Although it’s a little different from the official scary maze game, I am sure you will have fun playing it.

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